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Toll Free Numbers Every Pet Owner Should Have On Hand
Dr. Olakunle Ayeni DVM:    Dr. Ayeni is a Veterinarian, educator and founder of http://www.animalevent.com. He has written many articles and e-books, some of which are " 16 most important telephone numbers every pet owner should know". To download a full copy of this free e-book go to: http://www.animalevent.com/ebook

Emergency Disaster Hotline:    800.227.4645    Provided by the American Humane Association, this number is your first point of call in earthquake preparedness for your pets or any disaster, what to do and where to go. They provide support and relief information.

Legal Hotline:    800.555.6517    I think my neighbors are abusing their pet. Can I do any thing to stop them? Here is the number to call. To know your rights and how to go about expressing your displeasure, this number is for you. But try not to call because you don't that like someone's method of training his or her dog. Animal Legal Defense Fund help with landlord-tenant issues, vet problems, neglect and any form of abuse.

National Animal Poison Control Center:    888.426.4435    In a life and death situation when every minute counts for your cat, dog or other pet, this 24-hour manned emergency number is your pet lifesaver. Sponsored in part by 36 different companies along with a $45.00 charge for consultation.

National Pet Recovery Hotline:    800.984.8638    Whenever your pet is lost, this is one of your first places of help to report your missing friend. This 24-hour service will help you to locate your pet. Lost pets usually end up in an animal shelter before the county or city steps in. Members pay $25.00 for the lifetime of the pet or $55.00 to find the pet for free and non-members pay $50 and above.

Pet Loss Support Hotline:    888.478.7574    Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine provides a source for emotional support for those who have lost an animal friend or are anticipating the loss of their pet.

Save a Life - Learn Animal CPR:    http://members.aol.com/henryhbk/acpr.html    For the EMS Provider and Pet Owner. Dr. Feldman is a Massachusetts, Connecticut and New York Licensed Veterinarian and a member of the Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society. This document is primarliy aimed at EMS and Emergency Medical personel who may encounter animals in arrest. Pet owners should consult their veterinarian for specific details on procedures outlined here.

Spay Helpline:    800.248.7729    One way to prevent several unwanted lovely pets from ending up in shelters or destroyed is to spay or neuter them. Your local Shelters also help in providing similar services.

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